Special event cakes are heavenly at the Makery Cake Co!

Event Cakes

Our delicious special event cakes will make your prayers come true! Recently, one of our sugar artists were put to the test in creating an elaborate special event cake that depicted Regis University and the Pope! It was said to have tasted divine! Have a special event coming up? Let us know and we’ll make […]

Our Green Power Ranger Cake is Legendary!

Green Power Ranger Cake

Like Green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver, our cakes are legendary! Tommy is often considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time and what a fitting tribute to be sculpted in cake! The Green Power Ranger Cake was fun to make and delicious to eat. #greenpowerrangercake, #powerrangercake

Father’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies!

We’re Celebrating Father’s Day with our Fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookies! These are our soft and addictive cookies. We have been told many times that these are the best chocolate chip cookies people have ever had. You’ll come back again and again for these. 1 dozen cookies for $15. Order your Father’s Day Cookies here Deadline […]

Pikachu Birthday Cake

Pikachu Birthday Cake

Love Pokémon? We have a Pikachu Birthday Cake for You! Pikachu are amazing electric type creatures that can be found in video games, animated tv shows, movies, comic books and now… a Pikachu Cake!!! If you’re a big fan of Pikachu or any other Pokemon character, let us know and we’ll have some fun together […]

Do you like a Dr. Seuss Cake with Ham?

Dr. Seuss Cake

Do you like a Dr. Seuss Cake with Ham? I do not like them,  Brax-I-am. I do not like a Dr. Seuss Cake with Ham. Would you like them here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would not like them any where. I do so like a Dr. Seuss Cake […]

You’ll Fall in Love with our Heart Cake

Heart Caje

This colorful Heart Cake is full of love and deliciousness. A Heart Cake like this would be perfect for an engagement party, birthday or just an “I love you” sentiment. All you need is love… and cake! #LoveandCake, #HeartCake  

Here Comes the Fire Truck Cake!

Fire Truck Cake

Our Fire Truck Cake is ready to roll Daniel got a big surprise on his birthday… since he loves Fire Trucks, a Fire Truck Cake was a perfect choice. Having his name written in “water” from the “fire hose” was a perfect extra touch. Let us know what your child likes and we’ll make something […]

Put our 3D Hamburger Plate Cake on Your Menu

Hamburger Plate Cake

Try our delicious Hamburger Plate Cake One of the best things we do at The Makery Cake Co is 3D edible art. He’re a recent example of a fun Hamburger Plate Cake with all the trimmings. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Our sugar artists love to craft unusual requests….what can we make […]