What’s Your Favorite Emoticon Cake?

Emoticon Cake

Emoticons are the Best on Top of a Cake Gabby loves Emoticons so she got an Emoticon Cake for her birthday. While they are cute and fun when you’re on social media, they’re even better on a cake! We hope Gabby had the best birthday ever!  

A Barbie Fairy Cake is Delightful

Barbie Fairy Cake

A Barbie Fairy Cake is Delightful and Delicious Barbie is still a favorite for many youngsters. This year, Barbie turns 57! She still looks great especially when she is crafted into a Barbie Fairy Cake. Wouldn’t this be fun for a party?    

It’s good to be a green cake

Kermit Green Cake

Kermit is our favorite green cake Everyone is gearing up to be green on St. Pat’s Day. A green cake is always great! Kermit says, “When green is all there is to be It could make you wonder why, but why wonder? Why Wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful! And I […]

Frozen Cupcakes are SO Good!

Frozen Cupcakes

Did you Love the Movie “Frozen”? Then you’ll Love Frozen Cupcakes You can bet that Anna and Elsa would find our Frozen Cupcakes to be delightful and delicious! What better treat for a party or any celebration. Let us know, and we’ll make some just for you.  

Dessert Cups are Perfect for Entertaining

Makery Dessert Cups

If you have an event coming up, Dessert Cups are ideal These fun Dessert Cups are just heavenly. We provide an assortment of deliciousness that include layers of all your favorites… whipped cream, fruit, sauce and more. You get to make the choices because we are all about making your desserts just the way you […]

Our Shamrock Cookies are Extra Lucky!

Shamrock Cookies denver

We put some extra lucky mojo in our Shamrock Cookies St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Wouldn’t some lucky Shamrock Cookies be fun?! Since everyone needs a bit o’ Irish luck, we included some extra mojo just for you!

LEGO Batman Cake to the Rescue!

LEGO Batman Cake

Our LEGO Batman Cake Saved The Day! Batman/Bruce Wayne never looked better than on this LEGO Batman Cake. Not only does he battle the criminals of Gotham City, he also brings big smiles to children of all ages. The fun cake was a big hit at Dane and Devon’s 8th birthday party.  

Sugar Skull Cakes are Popular and Muy Delicioso!

Sugar Skull Cakes

Sugar Skull Cakes are colorful and dancing with intricate designs. These images are very popular in Mexican culture and have been a celebration of those who have left us. In the last few years, Sugar Skulls have been growing in popularity – representing a colorful and distinctive artistic tradition that continues to inspire.    

Roset Ombre Cakes are a Burst of Beautiful

Makery Roset Ombre

These Roset Ombre Cakes will Take Center Stage Beautiful flowers, individually crafted, and colored with graduated hues are the hallmarks of Roset Ombre Cakes. Let us know your favorite color and cake flavor and we’ll make this cake for you.  

Flower Unicorn Cakes are Great for Birthdays!

Makery Flower Unicorn Cake

Flower Unicorn Cakes are full of Sparkles and Flowers What child (or adult) wouldn’t be captivated by this beautiful cake. Choose your cake flavor, frosting and even color of your flowers. The Makery Cake Co will make a perfect Flower Unicorn Cake for you!