Truly Talented People Sharing ouPassion for Ridiculous Cakes with You

 dez – Our Fearless Leader

Desiree Kelly, President of The Makery Cake Co

dez from The Makery Cake Co

Desiree Kelly

Thanks for the photo Shutterbooth!


Nikki- General Manager, Sugar Artist, and Batman Expert


Nicole Johnson

Bobby- Head Troublemaker, Sugar Artist, and Halloween Expert

Bobby camera


Starr’s tire has been shot out!! How will we get the cake delivered?



Sara- Customer Service Guru, Random Fact Specialist, and Sugar Artist


Sara Holloway

This random fact may just save your life:

Lizz and Chris– This dynamic duo bake, fill and frost our cakes. We’re a little scared of making their wedding cake. It’s going to be epic!



Bobby sets a trap for dez, but catches Lizz unawares.

Starr – Head Cake Chauffeur, Show Girl and Party Girl.

          Have you ever met someone that sparkles with mischief?

IMG_7010 (1)

Kelsey – Cake Chauffeur, Show Girl, and Party Girl

She’s so fun! You’d never believe this health nut eats cake. I guess that’s what those marathons are for!



Louise – The Original Party Girl


Brenda – Cake Chauffeur, Show Girl, and Party Girl


Karl – Cake Chauffeur, Show Man, and Party (on) Dude

This rugby aficionado takes time out to have fun with us once in a while.





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