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Making Denver’s Most Loved Cakes

Tenants of our beliefs:

  • We believe your cake should be unforgettable

  • We believe your cake should taste as good as it looks

  • We believe ordering your cake should be a fun, loving and painless experience.

  • We believe you shouldn’t have to worry whether your cake will come out well.

  • We believe that when you design your cake from the heart, you can’t help but love your cake.

  • Most of all, we believe that a cake well done brings joy and love to everyone. Therefore, cake is love.

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Our Cake is Made from 4 Ingredients:

Quality because you can taste the difference. We use premium ingredients, methods of preparing our cakes that have been perfecting since 2006, and people who have professional and passionate qualifications; Because of this, the cakes are always fresh, moist, and delicious! Some people ask us how we stay so thin working around such great cakes all day. It is a mystery. We eat everything that isn’t for an order! Yum. Come in to try a sample of the best cake in Denver.

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Care because any of our customers will tell you that we are genuinely invested in making sure your celebration cake makes a splash at your event. Every step of the way from baking, to frosting, to decorating, we make sure that your cake is PERFECT.  Our team is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. We guarantee that if you don’t like your cake, we will fix it until you do. We will even deliver it if you don’t have time to wait or come back, free of charge. The customer always comes first at this Denver cake shop.

Fun because what we do is the epitome of fun. Ordering a cake should be fun, not stressful. Here we make it fun by giving you the freedom to bring in any cake design or idea without restrictions! Seriously, we’ll make anything, and yes, I mean ANYTHING. You’ll love working with us, love the designs we come up with, and love the cake so much you’ll want to come back time and time again. You may even find yourself being the person that volunteers to bring the cake to the parties because no one else’s cake will do! Whether you need a birthday cake or a wedding cake, or anything in between, we will be sure to make it fun!

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Love because ultimately Cake is Love, and we believe it encompasses all 5 of Dr. Gary Chapman’s Love Languages (See our video explanation). We love what we do and it shows in our designs and the smiles from our customers. Love from the decorating to your first taste. Enjoy your cake, because we loved making it for you.

Trusted and loved in Denver since 2006

Our team truly wants you to be happy, and loves to create all those delicious cakes you’re “dying” to have at your event. We’re a cake shop that understands your vision and delivers quality edible artwork that will stand out and be remembered.

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“When you do what you love, it shows.

     When your customers love you, that means the world.”

 – Dez, President of The Makery Cake Co

Great tasting cake, and amazing work

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