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OK, Ok… nevermind that it looks like our logo says “The M Bakery…” You know what we mean…

The Makery’s story is kind of funny. It is all the owner’s sister’s fault that we are here! Sis was getting married, Dez is very artistic and always helped Grandma bake, and somehow that morphed into her starting a bakery after she got her MBA…nevermind that she was a molecular biologist working on curing cancer at the time. That was 2003. It took some time to do all the necessities and legalities, but we opened our doors at our facility June 21, 2006 and we have been Denver’s amazing custom cake source ever since. We love our customers who made it possible for us get to where we are now, and it really shows!

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Desiree Kelly

The Makery Cake Company was started in 2006 by a molecular biologist who had an artistic streak and a love for sharing edible art with the world. We’ve become the go to place for the wedding curious as well as people who have big imaginations and a sweet tooth. You wouldn’t usually think of us for your everyday cake, probably just our masterpieces of sugar to make a splash, but we do those “just because” cakes for you, too. No matter what cake we make for you, we pour in our hearts and souls. We’re one of the best bakeries in Denver that specializes in wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and occasion cakes!

Our founder (and said former Moleular Biologist), Desiree Kelly, started the local chapter of the International Cake Exploration Society, Started the Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show, in on her son’s Cubscouts of America‘s parent committee, and currently finds herself on the Board of Directors for the Natioinal Association of Catering and Events, runs the Choctoberfest Chocolate Cake Showdown,  on the advisory board of The Emily Griffith Opportunity School’s Baking and Pastry Program and Trulife Studios, and has been featured in Colorado Meetings and Events Magazine (Page 56).

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