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The Makery Cake Company - Desiree Kelly


Fearless Leader

Dez (as she is known throughout the industry) was a molecular biologist when she decided to learn cake decorating to make her sister’s wedding cake. It turns out that she loved the artform, and used her MBA to open The Makery Cake Co shortly after graduation. She revived the local cake club, the Colorado and Wyoming chapter of the International Cake Exploration Society (, started the Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show, has been featured on Food Network and numerous local news segments, and birthed two beautiful sons since she opened The Makery Cake Co in 2006. She’s crazy for 3D cakes and will make you a dabbing unicorn to help any party groove!

The Makery Cake Company - Bobby


Sugar Artist, Halloween Expert, and Production Manager

It’s odd that this dashing young fellow does not like his picture taken. You point a camera in his direction and he magically disappears. When the camera’s aren’t out though, you can find Bobby around the shop in 2 million different places. We keep him very busy around here.  He is our assistant/production manager, and one of those truly talented souls that just excels at everything he does. He loves the spooky and gory especially when it comes to Halloween cakes, but excels at pink princess cakes as well! The true horror is that someone once told him he was funny, and now he totally thinks he is … and we’ve had to live with the aftermath ever since.

The Makery Cake Company - Maghen


Quality Assurance, Operations Manager

This lovely young lady started as a filler and froster with us and moved into a decorating position, and eventually our operations manager. She’s got a keen eye for design and loves to talk about the newest trends in cake decorating. A California native she can sometimes be puzzled by the craziness that is Colorado, but she always brings our craziness down to earth. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is always there if you need advice or a problem to be solved. She is an amazing artist, so nice you wouldn’t believe it, and designs a mean wedding cake. She has pioneered a whole new meaning to the Unicorn cake and her new ideas continue to amaze us.

The Makery Cake Company - Erin


Erin is one of our customer service representatives. The joke is that she seems nice… Seems… She is! Just don’t get her started on Disney. Does she know waayyy too much about Disney? Maybe. But she claims it only helps in designing cakes for young ones. She tends to hoard a lot of facts and statistics, once a researcher always a researcher. So you may walk away knowing something new. She is a pretty good little decorator herself and is always happy to help with some last minute cupcakes, and is a Wilton Method Cake Decorating Instructor. She is so much fun, comes up with some pretty crazy cake designs and also makes a pretty good Wendy Darling (Peter Pan).

The Makery Cake Company - Oanh


Cake Decorator

The strong and silent type that will zing you every time if you let your guard down. She is hysterical and amazingly talented cake decorator, and pretty amazing at everything she does. She hails from Vietnam where she had a cake decorating business for the rich and famous. We are so lucky to have her here at The Makery Cake Co. And hope she’ll be with us forever.

The Makery Cake Company - Starr


Head Cake Chauffeur

Have you ever met someone that sparkles with mischief?

Starr has been our main cake chauffeur since 2015. You would never guess she is a day older than 50 as spunky as she is! We just love her and all the joy she brings. If you ever are here when Starr comes in don’t be surprised if everyone yells “Starr!” We are always happy to see Starr even if we drive her nuts with our delivery instructions. Have we accidently sent her to the middle of nowhere before? Yes. And she still figured it out! Oh, and there was the time we made her deliver her own birthday cake to her own surprise birthday party. We love her!

The Makery Cake Company - Shantell


Cake Chauffeur

Shantell is steady as a rock. She is another delivery person that is just fun and super reliable. She comes to have fun with us here and there when she isn’t doing her professional career, counselling. She is amazing and her company is called Starting Today.

Great tasting cake, and amazing work

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