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If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the ever changing trends in the baking industry, or even if you’re just someone who likes to look at pictures of cake, you should follow our social media pages! Join us in becoming a cake connoisseur. Check out our show stopping birthday cakes, groom’s cakes, graduation cakes, wedding cakes, and much more! We love to keep up with the current cake, wedding, and event industry trends. If we don’t think of it ourselves (ie we were the first to do a geode unicorn cake) we like to pass it on to you here in our cake blog. We’ll also let you know about certain specials we are running, if we have an extra cake we’ll sell to you cheap, or events we will be attending or hosting. Following us on social media is one of the best ways to stay in the loop! What are you waiting for?

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Chandelier Cake with Dangling Crystals

It was an amazing engineering feat for our little company to build a structure that would hang a cake upside down, much less 178 servings of cake! We shouldn't say "our little company," actually as it took several companies working together to make it happen. Max and Livie provided the hook, Elite Entertainment provided the pin spot lighting and actually ended up not only letting us use their taller latter (and lent us some muscle to [...]

Cake encompasses all 5 love languages

Dez, The President of The  Makery Cake Co, dives deep inside herself to attempt to explain what her business means to her, and what she is trying to help people achieve with her products. She says: Have you ever ordered something, or had something made for someone... and when you presented it to them, they cried? My business is Cake. We make people happy. We spread the cheer. We spread the love. How can I tell people [...]

Flowers on Cakes: Fresh vs. Sugar

Many many couples have asked for advice on whether to have fresh or sugar flowers on their wedding cake. The answer is convelluted. There aren't very many prettier things than fresh flowers for a cake, though there are many ways to achieve it incorrectly. You really do not want to give your closest friends and family gastroenteritis or worse, cancer.Here are some considerations and cautions for a safe and beautiful cake:Pesticides: The pesticide doses and types used to grow flowers [...]

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What’s a groom’s cake anyway?

To Groom's Cake, Or Not To Groom's Cake? So many of our couples come in and ask if they need a groom's cake, and what is it, and do they really need it?? So much of a wedding is traditional, and done just because that is "how it has always been." But traditions vary from region to region and change over time. We've found that here in Denver Groom's Cakes are fun and done in about 10% of the [...]

Northstar Gatherings, a new wedding venue

We helped bring a little love to the Northstar Gatherings Wedding Venue. Since they were new, we got together and "staged"  a wedding to be able to assist them with a video for their website. We were so honored to be included, thank you team! It turned out great, if we do say so ourselves! The amazingly talented team that put this video together: Venue Northstar Gatherings (720) 608-0167 FB: [...]

Stay out of the Dog House!

The Anti Dog House Program  Are you a very busy person who loves their friends and family that you often want to shower them in amazing cakes, but the dates slip your mind? Now you're left scrambling to find a cake as unique as them. Happens to all of us, and we are here to help!  Here at the Makery we have our Anti Dog House program!!! All you have to do is give us your e-mail, and any special [...]

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4th of July is Near

4th of July is Near  Our independence day is quickly approaching! This means that many celebrations are a foot and you don't want to be caught without a dessert, especially one that comes from The Makery!   Here at The Makery we have any dessert you need! Whether it be a ridiculously awesome cake, absolutely stunning cupcakes, or even something as simple as our mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies! You want it? We got it!!! Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!

Introducing the Geode Unicorn Cake!!!

Introducing our Geode Unicorn Cake!!! Forget Diaper Cakes for Baby showers, or Emoji or Drip Cakes for Birthday cakes and instead consider a Geode Unicorn cake. Unlike other unicorn cakes we have done this one features a deep aquamarine colored sugar geode, a unique feature to one of the most popular cakes of the year.   From Denver's #1 Nut Free Cake Bakery...The MAKERY Cake Company!

Sweetest Bakery in America

Sweetest Bakery in America   Hey everyone, we are competing to be the Sweetest Bakery in America and we need your help! All you need to do is vote for us at You can vote once every day, and every vote counts! And thank you for your continued support!

Your Holiday Cakes Are HERE!!!

Your Holiday Cakes Are HERE!!!   Normal people put up lights and garland, but here at the shop we decorate with cake.  The Holiday season is now upon us which means plenty of parties ahead. Here at the Makery we have a cake to fit any of your holiday needs!!! We have Christmas trees as big as you can imagine. We have cakes wrapped in fondant, and edible ribbon that look as if they belong under your tree (or ours [...]

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This company did an awesome job! They made a mother happy today! When you are 1,543.1 miles away from your “baby boy” and can send him an awesome birthday cake delivered to his door for his 25th – it means sooo much! He says it is delicious and he will probably get diabetes from one piece… LOL Kudos to the Makery you rock!

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