Dez, The President of The  Makery Cake Co, dives deep inside herself to attempt to explain what her business means to her, and what she is trying to help people achieve with her products.
She says:
Have you ever ordered something, or had something made for someone… and when you presented it to them, they cried?
My business is Cake. We make people happy. We spread the cheer. We spread the love.
How can I tell people you need it? You need it in your life. It’s not like gas. It’s not like insurance?
As a small business owner, we know right now things are super, super tough. My business, in particular, is to make high-end specialty and custom cakes.
I have 9 employees that count on me to make sure their rents are paid and their babies are fed. And I am having the hardest time trying to tell people why, especially right now, they should be buying cakes that really express their love.
And if you think about it, cake encompasses all 5 of Dr. Gary Chapman’s Love Languages ( There are not that many things in this world that will invoke that type of emotion that people get when you bring in a quality custom cake that not only expresses your love for somebody, and it is so amusing or so joyous and everybody in the room feels the aura of fun, and love, and laughter. Not many things can do that.
This world needs a little more joy. And let’s give it to them.
We can help you do that.
          -Desiree Kelly, President of The Makery Cake Co