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Cake, Cupcake, Cookie Decorating Parties for ALL:

Birthday parties for kids are really tricky. They can’t be what the other kids in the class just did, and they have to still be a lot of fun. That is where we are going to save your bacon! We have super fun birthday parties where we bring all of the cake decorating tools, the cakes, and the instructor! How much more fun can the kids have? And, don’t tell them, but they are learning a new skill, too…Shhhhh. If you’re tired of having to plan intricate birthday parties for your kid every year, call us and we’ll take some of the stress out of it this year! We come to your house and captivate the attention of all of those crazy kids! We can do birthday parties right at your house, or at some restaurants.

There are 9 different themes to choose from. All of these have been engineered to not require any prior skill what-so-ever to come out with a beautifully decorated cake, or more frosting than a fork lift can handle (ok, just kidding).

And its not just for kids…Adults can do it too!!!

Cake Party themes

Price: $55 per person and go up depending upon the theme and upgrades such as “sparkle” and “sculpting with fondant.” Minimum of 10 partiers/decorators.

  • Pirates: We’ll show the kids how to pipe some simple, but cool, waves, and a pirate ship complete with a skull and cross bones flag! Arrrggg!!

  • Princesses: A very popular theme because it’s so cute! Who doesn’t love princesses? In this them we will show the kids how to pipe a bead border, some flowers, and dots! You can also upgrade and get some sparkles, luster, and pearls to decorate with!

  • Circus: They’ll learn how to pipe a cute circus animal and a circus tent border on the sides of the cake. Very colorful and fun!

  • Animals: Great for any kid who likes animals! We’ll how them how to pipe a grass border and a fence along the sides of the cake, then an animal of their choosing on the top!

  • Super Hero Slam: Wham! Bam! Smash! Superheros are always a big hit! We’ll show them how to make their cake look straight from a comic book!

  • In the Garden: This theme is adorable! They’ll pipe some grass, bugs, flowers, and a big sun on the top!

  • Elegant techniques: These theme is a little more advanced so keep that in mind when deciding on a theme, especially if the kids are younger. We show them some beautiful piping techniques such as scrolls, different types of elegant borders, and rose buds.

Upgraded Themes

Price: $55 per person plus upgrade cost and go up depending upon the theme and upgrades such as “sparkle” and “sculpting with fondant.” Minimum of 10 partiers/decorators.

  • Unicorn: This party is sure to please those unicorn cake lovers! We have fun colors for the main and includes the horn and ears! Costs an additional $10 per person.

  • Cake Wars: This is a timed event, where the guests compete against each other with a theme of our guest of honors choosing. Half way through the competition a secret ingredient will be provided by the host, and must be included in the decoration (ex. Twizzlers, Candy Lego, Oreo, Pretzels and so on). At the end of the party everyone will present their works of art and then vote on there favorites. Winner receives bragging rights, or a prize provided by the host.

  • Crushed it! – Inspired by the Netflix series “Nailed It” a group of 5 or more people competing against each other with no instruction or help from our staff to replicate one of our display cakes.

    Level 1 $95/person (age 8+) – cake comes iced and ready to decorate (ex. Unicorn cake. Mountain Scene)

    Level 2  $150/person (age 12+) – We provide the cake and frosting, you ice it carve it and make your own colors (simple carving) and decorate it (ex. Volcano)

    Level 3  $300/person + (depending on what supplies you need)  (age 16+) – We provide the cake and frosting, you ice it carve it and make your own colors and structure (ex Spider Burger cake)

Cupcake and Cookie Parties

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Glazed Duck Cookies

Looking for something other then cake?

Then fear not because we have just the party for you!!! Instead of doing the classic cake decorating class maybe try out a Cupcake or Cookie Party!!! And the best part of it is you don’t just get one cupcake or cookie, you get 6 to decorate as you wish!

Price: $55 you can have a cupcake or cookie party with any of the themes above, and if you have another theme in mind, just ask and we will be happy to accomidate you!

‘Want to up your cookie game? GET GLAZED for just $5 more per person!

Sunflower Cupcakes

Imogi Cupcakes

Puppet Cupcakes

cupcakes with sweet little pink bows

Little Bow Cupcakes (Fondant Upgrade)

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Adult cake parties/team building events

Men decorating cake

Two Tiers Competition

The “Two Tiers” Competition

The ultimate team building competition! SWEET!! Each team nominates a captain. Each captain gets the instructions and relays it to the team. Each team will square off against the other with our instructors and/or hotel staff as the judges. You are welcome to let the team take the cakes home, or The Makery Cake Company will happily deliver them to the local charity of your choice.

Price: Two-tier cakes and all the necessary implements: $350 per team + delivery. 

The Celebration Cake

The Celebration Cake

Working together to achieve BIG goals! If your company is having a celebration, and needs a cake, or if they need something to enter into a silent auction for charity, this is your team builder! Groups work on a 3 tier cake that serves 100 a day or two before the event.

Price: $950 per team + delivery

Basic Cake Decorating Lesson

Basic Cake Decorating Lesson

This lesson will take you through getting a cake from the pan to the party! We’ll touch on best baking practices, how to build and assemble the cake, icing, prepping bags, tips and tricks, and using decorating bags. This lesson is geared for beginners, but everyone is welcome. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

Price: $89.99 (minimum of 10 people) + delivery

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More Party/Team Builder Pictures

Elevate Photography Team Builder

Women with decorated cakes

Downtown Law Firm Team Builder

Denver Decorating Cake

Ladie’s Night Out

Denver Decorating Cake Co.

Package Cake (Fondant Upgrade)

lots of Unicorn party cakes

Unicorn Theme

Cake Party

Basic Decorating Theme

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