Adult cake parties/team building events

Men decorating cake

Two Tiers Competition

The “Two Tiers” Competition

The ultimate team building competition! SWEET!! Each team nominates a captain. Each captain gets the instructions and relays it to the team. Each team will square off against the other with our instructors and/or hotel staff as the judges. You are welcome to let the team take the cakes home, or The Makery Cake Company will happily deliver them to the local charity of your choice.

Price: Two-tier cakes and all the necessary implements: $350 per team + delivery. 

The Celebration Cake

The Celebration Cake

Working together to achieve BIG goals! If your company is having a celebration, and needs a cake, or if they need something to enter into a silent auction for charity, this is your team builder! Groups work on a 3 tier cake that serves 100 a day or two before the event.

Price: $950 per team + delivery

Basic Cake Decorating Lesson

Basic Cake Decorating Lesson

This lesson will take you through getting a cake from the pan to the party! We’ll touch on best baking practices, how to build and assemble the cake, icing, prepping bags, tips and tricks, and using decorating bags. This lesson is geared for beginners, but everyone is welcome. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

Price: $89.99 (minimum of 10 people) + delivery

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