Denver’s November Cakes and Desserts Are Here

Happy Turkey Day We've got your Thanksgiving dessert right here! Don't forget to order before its too late.

Beach Oasis Cake

Kick back and relax... time to eat cake! A Beach Oasis Cake is so appropriate for a birthday. Just take a look at the fun Hawaiian art, palm trees and fish. Have a birthday celebration to remember. The Makery Cake Co makes fabulous birthday cakes for all ages! #beachoasiscake, #beachbirthdaycake  

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Chocolate Chip Cookies for Dessert for You!!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookies For Sale!!! IT'S TIME TO ORDER DESSERTS! As many of you know we have been doing desserts for Spicy Radish. This week it is Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! You can order them here 12 for $29.99 or order them through Spicy Radish for 4 for $8 by Thursday, September 19th, at noon.   Order through Spicy Radish here   Order through The Makery Here

Get a Wild Cake on your Birthday!

A Wild Cake = Fun!! Peter must love Wild Turkey, so we created this fun Wild Cake just for him in the shape of a whisky cask. The extra decor just adds to the fun. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, let us loose to create a Wild Cake for you! #wildturkeycake, #wildcake  

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Here Comes the Fire Truck Cake!

Our Fire Truck Cake is ready to roll Daniel got a big surprise on his birthday... since he loves Fire Trucks, a Fire Truck Cake was a perfect choice. Having his name written in “water” from the “fire hose” was a perfect extra touch. Let us know what your child likes and we’ll make something that will bring the smiles! #FiretruckCake, #ChildCake  

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Dart Gun Cakes are Fun and Delicious!

Dart Gun Cakes Hit the Bullseye! 11 year old Joshua had an extra special time at his birthday party. Can you just picture the kids having fun?! Our artists have been know to make a number of game cakes... including Yathzee and Chess boards. Have a favorite? We'll make it for you! #dartguncake #nerfcake #dartwarsbirthdaycake #dartwarsbirthdaycake #mancake

A Dragon Birthday Cake for your Little Knight!

A Dragon Birthday Cake can be the perfect centerpiece to your child's party. What little boy or girl doesn't want to be a hero! Whether it's slaying dragons or protecting the city from a super villain a fantasy cake can delight. If your child likes to be hero, let us know and we will create the perfect birthday cake that is sure to bring smiles.

A Rice Cereal Treat Cake will add “POP!” to Your Party!

This fun Rice Cereal Treat Cake will not only add "POP!" to your next party but will also add some "Snap!"  and "Krackle"! This cake will delight young and old alike with memories of eating this fun cereal. Your guests will make noise of appreciate when you present this as a regular dessert or decorated for a birthday. Let our sugar artists make this cake for your next get-together.

The Makery Cake Co on KUVO

The Makery Cake Co at KUVO on Eats and Beats   tres leches cake Tiramisu Cake                     Founder, Desiree Kelly, talked with Lando and Chavis this morning on KUVO's "Eats and Beats." We discussed the upcoming event "Live at the Vineyard" happening at Balistreri Vineyards on August 8. The Makery Cake Co will be making pink champagne cupcakes to tantalize your tastebuds while you enjoy dinner, wine, and fabulous jazz. We also mentioned our Vanilla Cookie Dough Cupcakes, Tres Leches Cupcakes, and Tiramisu cake. If you just have to have them, order below. Please allow 4 days notice. Topsy Turvy Cake For those of you who are wondering...This is a "topsy turvy cake." Where you just "put it in the car and slam on the breaks."  We really don't do that, but they look great! [...]

Amber’s Amazing Garage Cake Party ♥

The Makery had such an awesome time partying with Amber and her parents! Talk about some AMAZING cakes decorated by some VERY creative girls! Even your grandparents cake looked delicious! Your cakes turned out to be incredible, we couldnt be more proud of all of you and your beautiful cakes! Thank you so much for having us over to party it up in your garage!

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The Makery Cake Co gets a visit from FOX 31 News

Dan Daru came to visit us at The Makery Cake Co on May 15, 2013 for his "Daily Destination" segment. He learned that The Makery Cake Co does classes, parties, team builders, drop in cake decorating as well as ridiculous and amazing cakes. Thanks so much for coming to decorate cakes with us. We had a lot of fun!

Cake Ninja Counts Elevated

Cakes 101 and 102 graduate, One Tough Cookie's Barb leg presses 800 pounds and turns 50 all in one week, Greg and Angela get married, the Ngo/Nguyen wedding is "winning," and the cake ninjas are having too much fun!Don't mess with Cakes 102!Cakes 101 busts out the buttercreamChocolate petitfoursCutsie mini cupcakesbaby jungle animal shower cakeYa, it's the second lawn mower the ninjas have busted out this month.Chocolate and berry wedding cakeWedding cakes, ninja styleWe could all look this good on our 50th with One Tough Cookie persoal trainingninja henna

Introducing the AutoCake Program

You use AutoDebits all the time, right? It makes your life easy!! So we're rolling out an AutoCake program by popular demand. Your company will automatically receive a cake each month to celebrate birthdays. It's designed to make it easy for business to celebrate the birthdays of those employees they appreciate. Receive a discount and free delivery within 5 miles!! Requirements: •      A 6 month commitment •      A credit card on file •      Delivery is every 1st  Wednesday of the month. Free with in 5 miles, $2/mile thereafter. •      Message to read “Happy (month) Birthdays!” •      Flavors rotate between Grandma Mavis’s Chocolate, White Genoise, White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pink Champagne and Killer Carrot 20-25 servings               $39.33/mo. 45-50 servings               $66.75/mo. 70-75 servings               $93.80/mo. 90-100 servings             $109.68/mo.

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