Bring the coolest holiday dessert to your party! These are pure genius!!

These are such wonderful holiday treats… remember, we also have vegan and gluten free versions!

different holiday desserts holiday-pie-inspired-desserts Unique holiday desserts


Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecakes

Pie right on top of your cheesecake. This dessert comes in 8 inch round which serves 8-12 guests.

   Caramel Dutch Apple Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Lemon Meringue Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Chocolate Salted Caramel Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Cherry Cranberry Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Spicy Pumpkin Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Black Forest Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
   Banana Cream Mile “Pie” Topped Cheesecake
Pie filled cupcakes   impied-cupcakes-2

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“Impied” Cupcakes

Pie baked right into your cupcakes! Pick a dozen and enjoy.

ImPied cupcakes (12)-pumpkin cake/apple pie

ImPied cupcakes(12)-red velvet cake/cherry cranberry pie

ImPied cupcakes(12)-lemon cake/blueberry pie

ImPied cupcakes(12)-chocolate cake/cherry pie

ImPied cupcakes(12)-vanilla cake/lemon pie

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Do you need Gluten Free and/or Vegan?

Some of these wonderful desserts are available in Gluten Free and/or Vegan. Click here for the selection.