Get a Wild Cake on your Birthday!

A Wild Cake = Fun!! Peter must love Wild Turkey, so we created this fun Wild Cake just for him in the shape of a whisky cask. The extra decor just adds to the fun. If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, let us loose to create a Wild Cake for you! #wildturkeycake, #wildcake  

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Put our 3D Hamburger Plate Cake on Your Menu

Try our delicious Hamburger Plate Cake One of the best things we do at The Makery Cake Co is 3D edible art. He’re a recent example of a fun Hamburger Plate Cake with all the trimmings. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Our sugar artists love to craft unusual requests....what can we make for you? #3DCake, #EdibleArt, #HamburgerCake  

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And the Award Cake goes to…

Who doesn't like to be recognized? How about a delicious Award Cake? Emily was the big winner with the Antoinette Perry Award. Mazel Tov! This looks so real, you may not realize it's edible. What a fun idea! The Makery team can craft an Award Cake for any occasion... like a job promotion, a sports achievement, or getting a good grade on a test.  

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You Can Bet on Our Las Vegas Cake

They say there are no "sure things" in Vegas... but this Las Vegas Cake is a Winner. This creation will definitely deal up some fun. The detail in this is amazing... the buttons and the dice... WOW! Don't gamble on a super market cake for your party. This cake will have you rolling in compliments!  

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Rice Cereal Treat Airplane Cake

#ricekrispiecake, #airplanecake What's that crazy thing in the sky? It's a Rice Cereal Treat Airplane Cake! Our sugar artists had so much fun creating this fabulous cake. They just had to place the marshmallow man inside. Isn't he cute? The Makery Cake Co specializes in crazy fun cakes. Have an unusual idea? Let us make it for you!!!  

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