Cake Ninjas: defending you from boring and tasteless cake!..and winning more awards in the process

The Makery Cake Co proves to be a great place to order cakes again! We won best bakery in Centennial in the Centennial Citizen Newspaper last month, runner up for best bakery in Denver in Channel 7's Alist recently, and now we were honored to hear we got an excellent customer service award from CMUS "Talk of the Town" Thanks so much to all of our wonderful customers!! Cakes 101 graduates with an A in "Hi-Yaaa!" The more elegant and time consuming the cake, the more fierce the defense! It's hard to take your own ninja picture!... well, until the intern recommends the timer setting... Sometimes we just don't ask... What a gorgeous wedding cake! Thanks Shari and Bob!! and Emily With Particulars Wedding Planning The Makery Cake Co. defends Denver from boring and tastless cheesecakes too!!   Wedding Cheesecake, yum! Remember our AutoCake Program- monthly "dropshipped" cakes from $39.99/mo [...]

Beware: The Cake Ninjas

The Makery Cake Company is honored to be nominated for The Best Bakery in Denver once again. Please do your part and vote for us (or we'll come get you!). You do have to log in, but you can vote for the best of the best in every category in Denver. Who else but a Cake Ninja could pull this off!? Vote for The Makery Cake Company!

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