Cake as Art

When you have frosting on your palette, you know you are creating Cake as Art. At The Makery Cake Co, we craft a lot of different kinds of cakes. This one was certainly a fun one! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Cake as Art. It would be great fun to reproduce a Picasso, Mondrian or maybe even a Norman Rockwell!    

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A Rice Cereal Treat Cake will add “POP!” to Your Party!

This fun Rice Cereal Treat Cake will not only add "POP!" to your next party but will also add some "Snap!"  and "Krackle"! This cake will delight young and old alike with memories of eating this fun cereal. Your guests will make noise of appreciate when you present this as a regular dessert or decorated for a birthday. Let our sugar artists make this cake for your next get-together.

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