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Why The Makery Cake Co?

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The Makery offers the best wedding cake value in Denver:

  • Free Standard Fillings
  • Free Anniversary Cake
  • Free Honeymoon Cake
  • One hour consultation with the person ACTUALLY DECORATING your cake
  • Fantastic taste and quality
  • Amazing reputation within the wedding industry (and we’re making your cake)
  • Free wedding cake tastings Sundays 1-3pm for the bride and 3 guests. Just come on in anytime during 1-3pm!!

Why book a consultation with us? What happens there?

  • We’ll discuss your needs for your special day.
  • You’ll choose 2 flavors of cake, and we’ll provide 5 more.
  • Be sure to bring 2-3 photos of cakes that catch your eye to help us know your style.
  • We’ll design your custom wedding cake, discuss details (square/round/pink/green/flavors), and pricing.
  • There is no commitment.
  • We do charge $30 for the consultation, but that credits toward the price of the cake making the consultation free when you book with us.
Schedule wedding consultation

If you aren’t quite ready to book a consultation, we have an open house tasting every Sunday 1-3PM. 

  • You don’t need an appointment, just come in to taste cake, meet us, and get a ton of questions answered.
  • It’s a great place to start.
  • Let us guide you through this. Afterall, you don’t do this every day.

How far ahead should you book your consultation?

If your wedding is May to September, book 6 months in advance to insure we have your date available. You can always call us to check availability 720.270.4042
…October to April, 2 months ahead is fine.

But come see us anytime. We’re here for you!

Makery Wedding Cake

Dessert Bars And Individual Desserts

Have you ever wondered what a groom’s cake is for anyway?

Well…you know how the groom (if there is one ; ) doesn’t usually get represented by the choice of linens, dress, flowers, etc… This is a cake to really celebrate them and their interests. We think this is one of the most fun parts of the wedding, and it will be talked about for years. Consider ordering a super expressive cake just for fun.

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Great tasting cake, and amazing work

Robert M.

Need a romantic and fun photograher?

“You will never regret the amount of money you spend on photographs.” -Grandma

You need a wedding planner!

Don’t argue with me.

They pay for themselves many times over due to their connections and discounts.

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