The Makery Cake Company – FAQ

First, we would like to thank you for coming to the most creative cake shop in Denver.

We’ve been trusted and loved in Denver since 2006, have been featured on Food Network, and have been a big part of over half a million happy events. We are well-reviewed, and promise to make you an extraordinary cake!

You have 2 options.

  1. If you aren’t ready to design, you can request a sample box here and come pick them up. We’d be happy to field questions at that time.
  2. You can schedule a wedding cake design session where we actually talk specifics such as design, color, size, shape, delivery time, flavors, and pricing, etc.

What’s included in our pricing:

Makery wedding cake pricing

Click here to schedule that consultation.

Delivery is included within the first 30 miles (excludes cutting cakes). After that, it is an additional $4 per mile (one way, ie if the venue is 40 miles away, the extra charge is $40).

Sales tax: Calculated at Centennial sales tax rate if picked up and the venues’ tax rate if delivered.

Note: There are extra charges for items such as fondant, fresh fruit, liquor, sugar artistry,  and hardware rental, etc.

We are the only bakery in town doing a free Honeymoon Cake to take to the hotel room after the reception. Usually, the couple is too busy and doesn’t get a chance to eat a piece of cake, so we pack them one to go with forks stuck to the box. We’ll give it to the caterers upon delivery of the wedding cake. The trick is to remember to grab it before the big send-off.

NO!! We provide a free anniversary cake in a year. We never encourage frozen cake. Yuck!

Some of our couples live out of town, so they can get it the next time you are in town. It never expires.

We can replicate any cake from a picture. The couple doesn’t have to stick to our book. We also do a lot of techniques that other bakeries would not attempt. We aren’t scared of power tools!!

Delivery is included within the first 30 miles. After that, it is an additional $4 per mile (one way, ie if the venue is 40 miles away, the extra charge is $40).

For birthday cakes/cutting cakes, delivery is calculated at $4 per mile to the venue, with a minimum of $30. If the destination is 10 miles away, the delivery is $40.

If the flowers are made of buttercream or sugar, yes. Fresh flowers should be provided by the florist. Please make sure the florist washes the pesticides off the flowers prior to application, and that they have confirmed that your variety of flowers are not poisonous.

2-3 days ahead. One day to bake. One day to fill, frost, and decorate. Then we like the finished cake to set overnight in the refrigerator. It is a much safer ride if the buttercream is cold when you transport on the day of the wedding.

Not usually, unless we absolutely have to. Our pastry chef bakes, we have someone who fills and ices, and our sugar artists decorate.

Your sugar artist is the person who will be creating the decor on your wedding cake and taking your order. We feel it is imperative to talk to the person actually decorating your cake. You should feel confident that your vision of the perfect cake was understood.

Yes! We are very flexible in our flavor configurations. Even if you want 2 flavors of cake in a single tier, we can do that.

No, our wedding cakes are not frozen. We feel that if someone is paying you to make them something wonderful, it truly should be wonderful. Our kitchen is on site at The Makery Cake Company, and we are very proud that we bake fresh to order.

The answer to this is “sort of” and yes…For our Gluten friendly cakes (although the cake is in fact gluten-free it is still manufactured in an environment that is not). This means that although they are gluten-friendly, and it should not be consumed by those with serious allergies or celiac disease. As for Vegan, the answer is simply yes! 

Fondant is a sugar dough that is made of tree gums, powdered sugar and corn syrup. It traditionally does not taste good, because most bakers use the stuff off the craft store shelf. Personally, we do not advocate eating things purchased at the craft store. We, however, use a premium fondant which is the same brand that The Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes uses. It is much softer and tastier. It also has a “glow” that can not be replicated in buttercream. 

We have a truly helpful website with hundreds of wedding cake images to aid you in finding the perfect elements for your cake. You can trust us to truly care about your wedding cake, and make it with passion and pride. We will not take more business than what we can handle in a day/weekend so that we don’t compromise quality. We have really good reviews, a great reputation, and consider it an honor to be such a big part of your special day. Most helpful of all… we are nice.

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